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About Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Semi Truck Snow Simulator is the ideal online winter experience to learn how to drive a pickup truck in winter conditions and become a real truck driver.

We're bringing you a "Semi Truck Snow Simulator" for the holidays to up the fun and excitement. To find out how far you can go, drive through some treacherous slopes and difficult trails in the mountains. Driving a semi-truck is even more challenging in the snow, so if you want to be a truck driver someday, the best thing you could do right now plays this 3D simulator game and practice driving in these kinds of scenarios. Here, there is no stress or danger involved, even though the task is not simple. Do you like this game? If yes, you can play many other games with the same gameplay such as Helicopter Rescue Flying Simulator 3D, City Car Racing Simulator 3D, and Police Car Cop Real Simulator.

How to play

Naturally, you begin with the first level, and as you progress, the levels and their courses become more challenging. However, as you play more, you also earn more money, and you should use that money to purchase a variety of new trucks to drive around in. Your main objective is to avoid sliding and crashing your truck because if you do, you will have lost and will have to start over from square one. Since there is no time limit, drive more cautiously than quickly. By putting safety first, you will be able to play and win this game simultaneously.


To drive, use the WASD or ARROW keys, and press C to switch cameras if you want to see something different.

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