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About Retro Bowl

The playing rule

Retro Bowl is an American-styled sports game made by New Star Games. Get ready to join different soccer matches and lead your team to get victory and prizes.

Are you a big fan of American soccer? Now, it is available online. This game is inspired by this sport, so you may know its gameplay. In this game, you will take control of the team to join a competitive soccer match. As you can see, there are 4 quarters on the field. Your mission is to get the ball across the 1st down line. To do that, you can throw the ball to the eligible receiver or pass directly to the running back. Another way is to rush with the Quarterback. Note that you have only two timeouts for half. Do your best to get a victory to gain a lot of coins

You can use the coins to upgrade the players in the front office. Besides, you can spend the coins you earned to hire more offensive and defensive coordinators. Come on! Play this game now and become the boss of your NFL franchise. If you like this game, don’t forget to check out Drift Boss which is the hottest game on our website.

How to control

Click and hold the left mouse to aim

Release the mouse to throw the ball

Useful tips for beginners

  • Attempt to get at least one 4star+ WR. If you have WR with good speed and catch, and decent stamina, you can win easily
  • If you need a first down, pass the ball to TE. he can help to block or run a route. Besides, when defenders concentrate on chasing QB, the position of TE is open 
  • Keep RB wide open when you want to pass the ball to him.
  • Upgrade everything in the front office to raise your XP.
  • Prioritize upgrading the speed for WR and RB

All achievements in Retro Bowl

Game Achievement

There is a total of 26 game achievements in this game. You can complete it during playing it. Here are some game achievements you’re expected to get.

  • Make a Pass
  • Score a Touchdown
  • Score 3 touchdowns in a game
  • Score 5 touchdowns in a game
  • Score a field goal
  • Score a 25 yard Field Goals
  • Score a 50 yard Field Goals
  • Score a 60 yard Field Goals
  • Score a 1 point conversion
  • Score a 2 point conversion

Career Achievement

Another kind of achievement in this game is career achievement which you can earn over the course of your career. Here is a list of some career achievements you can gain.

  • Win a Game
  • Win 5 games
  • Win 10 games
  • Win 25 games
  • Win 50 games
  • Win 100 games
  • Complete a full season
  • Complete 5 full seasons
  • Complete 10 full seasons
  • Win a Division
  • Win a playoff game
  • Win the AFC title
  • Win the NFC title
  • Win the Retro Bowl
  • ……

Front Office Achievement

The final achievement in this game is front office achievement. You can get it by doing different missions in the front office. Here are some front office achievements you can earn.

  • Draft a player
  • Sign a free agent
  • Trading a player in
  • Trading a player out
  • Cut a player
  • Upgrade your stadium facilities
  • Upgrade your training facilities
  • Upgrade your rehab facilities.
  • Max out your stadium facilities
  • Max out your rehab facilities
  • Hire an Offensive coordinator
  • Hire a Defensive Coordinator
  • Hire a 5 star Offensive coordinator

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