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About Drift 3

Game rule

Drift 3 is an incredible game where the international drift race is held. Control your car to perform spectacular drifts and be the final survivor in the race.

Do you want to become a drifter like Daigo Saito? Play this game now and it will make your dream come true. In this game, you have to drive your car to drift through many corners and race with the other 7 players over the world. In this race, it is acceptable to hit the other cars and forces them to run off the racetrack and fall into space. Try to eliminate all of the other players and be the final survivor to gain a victory. On the top right of the screen, there is a leaderboard which shows the top 8 players in the race. If you want to raise your name on the leaderboard, you need to survive as long as possible.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the corners of the racetrack. Click the left mouse or release it at the right time to make perfect drifts. You can look at the mini-map on the top left of the screen to know where the corners are on the track. Try to avoid the dead end if you don’t want to lose soon. Further, you can see the positions of your opponents and you in this mini-map.

How to control


  • Click and hold the left mouse button to turn left
  • Release the mouse to turn right


  • Touch the screen to turn left
  • Release the screen to turn right

New features

This game is the third version of Drift Boss. Unlike the original version, this game features more attractive themes and energetic music. Moreover, this new version offers many cool cars such as an ice cream truck, a police car, a fire engine, a van and so on. You can select them for free. Choose your favourite one and start the race now. It’s an opportunity to show off your drifting skills.

Some useful strategies to beat Drift 3

Keep the car going in the middle of the track

Although there are no obstacles on the track, you have many rivals. They always want to push you out of the track to eliminate you early. If you drive your car to go in the middle of the track, it takes your opponent some minutes to make you fall off the track. Even though there are some minutes, it is enough for you to avoid their attack.

Turn left or right at the first corner

There are many dead ends on the racetrack. If you unexpectedly go into the dead end, you will fail soon. Therefore, you had better turn left or right at the first corner to explore the new way instead of keeping going until the end of the road.

Actively attack the opponent

In this race, your ultimate goal is to be the final survivor. Therefore, you should actively hit your rivals’ cars whenever the opportunity arises. It is a good idea to attack the car which is going at the edge of the track.

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