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About E-Scooter!

Electronic Scooter! is a street scooter racing game by collecting coins and increasing your speed. Ride your racer on the street on an electric scooter.

Get on your scooter for the most action-packed e-scooter game of the year! In order to travel further, collect coins, charging orbs, and speed boosters as you ride your e-scooter from one charging station to the next. Achieve a certain number of charging stations to unlock more E-Scooters, or buy them with coins. But be careful! Try to avoid them while keeping an eye on your charge meter because cars are also on the road. Start driving your scooter right away!

How to play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to steer the e-scooter, and soon you'll set a new record. As you navigate the congested traffic, travel from one charging station to the next and gather a ton of gold coins, energy dispensers, and speed boosters. Maintain a healthy level of battery life while continuing to break distance records. Then, using these incredibly quick scooters, you can use your winnings to unlock new e-scooters and complete more checkpoints. Additionally, you gain access to brand-new electric scooters as a result of this.

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