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About Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an arcade video game that was launched on November 20, 2014. Hipster Whale is an Australian video game developer, he created and published it.

Hipster Whale's arcade game Crossy Road features gameplay that is reminiscent to the original Frogger. In Crossy Road, you must avoid traffic, hop over logs, avoid trains, and gather cash. Be careful not to stand stationary for too long or you'll burn! You earn coins for playing each Crossy Road game that you can use to unlocked attractive new characters. Idea from the ancient joke asking "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

The game is a straightforward and endearing homage to Frogger. The user only needs to tap to go forward without being hit by cars, trains, or trucks or drowned in a river thanks to a cast of hilarious, unlockable characters. Crossy Road is also free to play, but it stays away from the pay-to-win hooks that have given popular freemium games a poor name in the craze for mobile gaming. A new blocky character can be unlocked for a fee, or players can view brief video ads to gain credits that unlock the cast more quickly. Or they can continue playing without taking any of those actions.

Help the chicken Crossy Road finally the road by keeping clear of the crossy cars. You must dodge collisions in this action game created by HIPSTER WHALE. Practice running on various highways and roads to keep the chicken alive. To cross the road, try dodging obstacles and jumping over moving vehicles.

Swiftly cross across traffic, railroad tracks, and a river. If not, an eagle will eat the chicken for dinner. A threat is from above; move forward correctly. Click the play button below to launch Crossy Road in a web browser on a computer or mobile device.


  • Cross highways, railroad lines, and rivers as you collect over 150 retro-styled, pop art-inspired figures and endlessly hop.
  • Avoid traffic with the Android Robot in a candy-filled utopia.
  • Free to play; simple, straightforward, inventive gameplay

How to Play

  • Arrow keys (or WASD) to move
  • Collect coins to unlock other characters

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