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Happy Wheels


About Happy Wheels

Simple mission

Happy Wheels is a dark and complex physics-based puzzle arcade game that will be fun for some and scary for others. Try to get to the finish without being hurt.

In this game, you need to control your character to go to the finish line without getting injured. Watch out! Along the way, you will meet a variety of dangerous obstacles and traps such as blades, mines, traps, and wormholes. If you touch them, you will get injured. If your arms or legs are broken, you don’t need to worry. As long as you're alive, you still have a chance to reach the finish line. 

Featuring scary graphics and simple gameplay, this game will hook you for hours to play it. Fear and excitement are the feelings that you will get while playing this game. Come on! Play this game now and try to reach the finish line without getting hurt. It’s the race for life. If you think that this game is too frightening for you, you can check out the other relaxing game which is Drift Boss on our website.

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” to move

Press “SPACEBAR” to do primary action

Hold down “Shift/Ctrl” to conduct the secondary action

Press a “Z” key to eject

All levels and characters in Happy Wheels

Featured levels

This game has a total of 139 featured levels. They are presented on the main Play menu. Some levels are available in the demo version of Happy Wheels. They are BMX_Park II, Obstacle Course?, Happy Green Hills, Speed bridge, Laboratory 1, and half of doolie's Dawn of the Dead Series. After that, more levels are added. They are the DC metro station, which demonstrates the glass panel, and Viking Revenge 3. These levels feature the harpoon gun which can be used to shoot down enemies along the way.

In addition, each level has different features and requires a certain character. This will bring you fresh playing experiences at all times.

Playable characters

There are 8 characters in this game. Each character has a distinct ability. Here is the list of characters in the game and their abilities.

  • Wheelchair Guy: He is the first and eldest character in this game. You can press Shift and Ctrl to spin the jet and Spacebar to fire.
  • Segway Guy. He rides a metallic-silver-blue, spring-loaded segway which is able to jump into the air. You can press Space to leap and Shift and Ctrl to alter the stance
  • Irresponsible Dad or Mother: The mom rides a two-seated bicycle. The basket of the bicycle is mounted to the front to hold her kids. Along the way, you can meet specific passengers. To eject them, you need to press Shift or Ctrl. You also can press a C key to convert to kid mode.
  • Effective Shopper: This character is an obese woman who rides a motorized shopping cart. She is able to jump very high. Press Spacebar to jump
  • Moped Couple: It is the couple on an old, classical moped which has a boost ability. The moped can go at a great speed for a short amount of time. You can press a Spacebar to accelerate the speed and a Shift key to eject the lady.
  • Santa Claus. He sits on the sleigh and two runners drag it.   If you hold the space bar, he will float as if there is no gravity for a short amount of time. Besides, you can press the Shift key to relieve wounded elves
  • Pogostick Man: He stands on the small pogo stick which can break into four different pieces.  If you want to adjust your stance, press the Shift and Ctrl keys. Use the spacebar to charge a greater bounce

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