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Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunt 3D

About Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunt 3D


Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunt 3D is an exciting racing game with various impossible courses. Perform network truck stunts and formula racing stunts.

In this game, you have to drive your racing car to race on the stunt racetrack. Particularly, this racetrack is located in the sky and full of ramps, colourful tunnels and insurmountable leaps. You need to be careful when going through these parts. If you uncarefully fall out of the track, the level is failed. However, don’t give up! Click the Retry button to try it again. Try your best to reach the finish line safely to step up to the next level.

This game offers many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. All levels are not presented on the main menu. Instead, you have to complete the level to unlock the next one. Besides, each level has a distinct obstacle course. Therefore, you need to apply different strategies for each level.

In addition, this racing game features realistic driving controls and incredible 3D visuals which will bring you the most immersive playing experience. Play this game now to join the peerless car race in the sky. After getting a victory in this race, you can continue participating in another thrilling car race in Mega Ramp Race.

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD” keys to move

Press “SPACEBAR” to use the handbrake

Press a “‘C” key to change the camera view


Like Drift Boss, this game is also playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, you can play it anywhere and anytime.

Tips and tricks to beat Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunt 3D

Increase or decrease the speed when going over the slopes

When you go up the high slopes, you need to increase the speed. If you don’t do that, your car will automatically go backwards. Reversely, when you go down a steep slope, you should sometimes click on the down arrow key to decrease the speed. Slowing down the speed will help to avoid falling out of the racetrack.

Moreover, the slope is often located next to the insurmountable leaps. If you increase the speed when going up a slope, you can jump very high to overcome the giant leaps.

Keep the racing car staying in the middle of the track

Since the racetrack is quite narrow, you can fall out of the track easily. For that reason, keeping the racing car staying in the middle of the track is really important. Whenever you see your car is about to deviate from the track, press the left or right arrow keys to move it to the middle of the track.

Plan your moves in advance

After you go up the slope at a fast speed, you will fly very. Although it is some seconds, it is a good time for you to plan your move in advance. Furthermore, while flying, you can observe the upcoming path very clearly. Therefore, you need to plan your landing spot and your moves before you land on the next track.

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