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About Police Car Cop Real Simulator

Police Car Cop Real Simulator is an attractive shooting action game where you must complete all missions while driving a police car and using weapons to attack!

If you are bored of racing games like Crazy Car Stunts, play this game now. This game is a combination of a shooting game, an action game, and a driving game. When starting this game, you will receive a weapon such as a gun and a police car. Let's use them and follow mission lists! You need to complete all tasks in a limited time to enable you to proceed to the next levels. There are many different tasks for each level, so pay attention to your tasks to finish them as fast as possible. Moreover, the energy of your car can run out, so save energy while driving. In order to drive easily, you can use a small map on the top-right screen to navigate.

After completing a mission, you will be rewarded with a lot of coins. Use the coins you earned to purchase your favourite car in the garage. Each police car has a different design, price and feature. You need to think carefully to purchase them. Keep in mind that the more expensive the police car, the faster its speed is. If you enjoy this game, check out another similar game which is Police Car Simulator 3D on our website.

How to control

Press a W key to accelerate the speed

Press an S key to go backward

Press A key to steer Left

Press a D key to steer Right

Press a C key to change Camera

Press an R key to reset Car

Press a Spacebar to jump

Press L and Shift keys to sprint or activate the Nitro

Press an M key to open the map

Press an F key to enter or exit the car

Press an I key to open the instruction

Press an H key to turn on the police Siren

Press an E key to open the inventory

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