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About Subway Surfers

Exciting adventure

Subway Surfers is a running game which will bring moments of excitement. Run along the railway track and evade the trains and bollards on the path.

You're a sprightly youngster with the stamina to leap over obstacles and dodge perils. Make sure you keep moving since you're being chased by a cop! As obstacles and trains come at you, leaving you little time to react, this running game puts your reflexes to the test. Avoid colliding with other vehicles will cause you to slow down and allows the police officer to approach closer to you and finally arrest you. Therefore, you need to control the character to jump, roll down or move left or right to avoid the obstacles on the path. 

Besides, another task is to collect the coins. They are really essential, so you need to pick up all coins at all costs. Don’t forget to gather enough letters along the way to get surprising rewards. Come on! Play this game now and have fun. Otherwise, if you are bored of running, why don’t you try joining the car race in Drift Boss? It is also a cool game where you can show off your driving game.


To move, drag the left mouse button to the left, right, up, and down.

Dominant features in Subway Surfers

Boosters in the game

This game offers many boosters which have different functions. You can collect them along the way or purchase them in the shop. Here’s the list of boosters you can use and how they work. 

  • Coin Magnet: This booster often appears along the way. You can grab it and use it to attract all nearby coins.
  • Jetpack: Try to pick up the jetpack along the way to fly in the air. When you use this booster, you will be temporarily invincible. Moreover, there are more coins in the sky, so you can collect many coins while flying.
  • 2X Multiplier: This booster will double the number of coins you earned. Try to get it along the way to multiply your coins.
  • Super Sneakers: Collect this booster to jump higher to overcome a series of dangerous obstacles
  • Headstart: You can purchase this booster in the shop. It costs 300 coins. Its function is similar to the Jetpack.
  • Score Booster: This booster is sold in the shop at the price of 300 coins, it boosts your multiplier by +5, +6, or +7.
  • Mystery Box: It will give you an exclusive mystery power-up. It may be one of the above power-ups.
  • Hoverboard: You need to spend 300 coins to purchase this booster. It will help you fly and go faster.


This game features a leaderboard that shows the names and scores of 11 top players over the world. Do your best to gain the highest possible score and then submit your score to see what your rank is on the leaderboard.

The shop

It sells a variety of cool characters such  Jake, Tricky, Spike, Yutami and so on. Each character has a unique ability, costume and price. You can use the coins you collected to buy your favourite character. In addition, the shop also sells various hoverboards which have different colours, designs and special powers.

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