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About Traffic Jam 3D

Addictive gameplay

Traffic Jam 3D is an excellent game featuring multiple modes. Drive your car to avoid other vehicles on the road and go as fast as possible to the finish line.

If you want to seek a thrilling driving game like Drift Boss, this game is a good choice. With realistic driving controls and incredible 3D visuals, this game will bring you a scintillating driving experience. Choose your favourite car and game mode and then start the game now. In the game, you will sit in the driver’s seat and drive your beloved car to go around the city. Always pay attention to the side and rearview mirrors to avoid crashing into the other vehicles on the road. You can look at the moto meter on the top of the screen to know how fast you have gone. Do your best to complete the target of the level in the shortest time and get a lot of money. You can use the money you earned to purchase more cool cars with better handlings in the garage. Moreover, you can upgrade their stats such as engine, brake and handling to increase their performance rating. Furthermore, you can also customize them with your favourite colours.

How to control

Press “LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS” to move left or right

Press “UP ARROW KEY” to increase the speed

Press “DOWN ARROW KEY” to use the handbrake

Press an “N” key to activate the nitro

Available game modes in Traffic Jamp 3D

Career Mode

In this mode, your objective is to drive your car to the finish line on time and move on to the next level. Increase the speed to overtake other cars and check all checkpoints along the way. Additionally, this mode features 80 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Each level has a different task that you’re expected to complete. Moreover, the higher the level, the more rewards you can get. Therefore, you need to attempt to complete all levels to earn as much money as possible

Infinite Mode

This mode offers three kinds of tracks which are Highway, Desert and City. The highway is a default track which is free at the start of the game. However, if you want to unlock the Desert and City, you have to pay 4000 and 8000 dollars. Note that each track features three timelines including Morning, Sunset and Nigh and two kinds of roads including One-way road and Two-way road. Choose one of them and start your endless journey now.

Time Against Mode

If you choose a Time Against, you must go as far as possible in the designated time frame. Keep in mind that the further you can go, the more money you can get. Besides, like Infinite Mode, this mode also offers three similar tracks, three similar timelines and two kinds of roads that you can choose freely.  

Free Mode

If you just want to drive your car and chill, choose Infinite or Free mode. There is no mission in this mode, so you don’t need to worry about anything while driving. Additionally, it also has three similar tracks, three timelines and two kinds of roads. This will bring you a scintillating playing experience.

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