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Electron Dash

About Electron Dash


Electron Dash is a fun and fast-paced running game. Your goal is to guide a running man as far as possible while collecting as many hearts as feasible.

You will feel a sense of speed and immense thrill while playing this game. This game's mechanics are quite simple. Simply direct a running man into the neon tube. The longer you can run, the greater your score will be. To gain the greatest possible score, try to run as far as possible. Be cautious of laser beams, shaky tiles, and large gaps. If you strike the laser beams or fall into the holes without being careful, the game is finished.

To avoid the tubes, you can spin them or jump as high as possible. Remember to collect as many hearts as you can to gain more lives.
Don't put it off any longer! To begin running right now, click the "Play" button. What is your maximum running distance?

Features of Electron Dash:

  • A never-ending racetrack
  • Control is simple.
  • Neon images are nice, and the soundtrack is upbeat.

How to play:

To run and jump, use the "WASD" or "ARROW KEYS" keys.

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