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About Electron Dash

The playing rule

Electron Dash is a fun and fast-paced game with stunning 3D graphics. Guide a running man as far as possible while collecting as many hearts as possible.

You will feel a sense of speed and immense thrill while playing this game. The game's mechanics are quite simple. Simply direct a running man into the neon tube. The longer you can run, the greater your score will be. To gain the greatest possible score, try to run as far as possible. Be cautious of laser beams, shaky tiles, and large gaps. If you strike the laser beams or fall into the holes without being careful, the game is finished. To avoid them, you need to jump as high as possible.

Besides, you will see many hearts which are scattered in the tunnel. Don’t ignore them as they are super important. Do your best to collect as many hearts as you can to gain more lives. It means that if you unexpectedly fail, you can respawn at the starting point thanks to the heart. However, despite their importance, you don’t need to grab them at all costs. Remember that your ultimate goal is to go as far as possible and gain the highest possible score. Therefore, sometimes, you need to learn to give up.

Don't wait anymore! Click the "Play" button to start your fantastic adventure in the space tunnel now and explore the beautiful galaxy. What is your maximum running distance? You can share the game with your friends or relatives and play it together. This game is suitable for all ages.

How to control

To run and jump, use the "WASD" or "ARROW KEYS" keys.

More exciting things about Electron Dash

Dangers in the tunnel

In the tunnel, you need to face many threats that stop you from going far. Here is the list of obstacles and some useful strategies to evade them

  • Crumbling tiles: There are many crumbling tiles in the tunnel. They will start falling as soon as you step on them. Therefore, you had better avoid them if you can. Another way is to control the character to jump quickly right after touching the crumbling tiles. If you can jump to another tile before they drop, you will be safe.
  • Giant leaps. You will see many giant leaps when you run at a long distance. If you can’t overcome them, you will fall out of the tunnel and the run is over. For that reason, you should guide the character to jump as high as possible to overcome. Don’t jump too early. Just start jumping when you reach the edge of the leap.
  • Laser Beams: They often appear in the tunnel. However, you don’t need to worry about them as you can easily dodge them. Just guide an astronaut to move left or right to avoid them.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Marketjs. Like Drift Boss, it is also an endless game which is available in the web browser. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices.

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