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About Snow Rider 3D

Snow Rider 3D is an addictive game inspired by Osmos game. Control a sleigh to slide as far as possible and immerse yourself in the dreamy snowy world.

In this game, you get the chance to slide down a huge mountain while being surrounded by pristine white snow. You will down the snowy mountain on a lead while dodging enormous snowmen, snowballs in motion, and large trees.

Avoiding obstacles and gathering as many presents as you can are the goals. You need to be extremely careful while sledging because there are obstacles all throughout the area. To earn a high score, try to travel as far as you can while gathering gifts to buy sleighs. Keep in mind that the further you can go, the more points you can gain. Do your best to get the highest possible score. You can use gifts to unlock additional sleighs after you have more than ten of them. The shop sells various sleighs including a metal sleigh, an evil sleigh, a plastic sleigh, a Santa sleigh, a round sleigh, a chroma sleigh, an Eskimo sleigh and so on. Each sleigh has a distinct design and price.

This game is designed to welcome the upcoming Christmas. Therefore, it has a beautiful Christmas theme. If you still don’t have any plans for this special occasion, stay at home and have fun with this game. Like Cycle Sprint, this game also can be accessed in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to control the sleigh

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