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City Car Racing Simulator 3D

About City Car Racing Simulator 3D


City Car Racing Simulator 3D is a 3D version of this exciting driving game, driving around a realistic 3D city with a variety of amazing sports cars.

The city is densely packed with skyscrapers and massive structures, and the streets are enjoyable to drive through. You may only pick from two different automobiles at begin, but as you continue, additional models will become available!
A feature has been introduced to this title that allows you to customize and alter the color of your automobile! In addition, this game introduces a new gameplay element that allows you to drive across the city as a police officer and track down criminals!

Colors for different elements of the automobile may be customized.
New automobiles may be unlocked with either money or kilometers.
A larger city with a tunnel and narrow streets
There are a number of missions that must be fulfilled.
The cops may pursue you if you have a felony bar on your record.
There is a fullscreen mode available.

To drive, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys.
To handbrake, press the space bar.
To use nitro, press F.
To access slow motion mode, hold down the G key.
To change the camera, press C.

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