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About Santa Hill Climbing

Game rule

Santa Hill Climbing is a racing game set in the Christmas season. Help Santa get as many gifts as possible before the car runs out of fuel or crashes

This game falls into the well-known racing game genre. The gameplay is simple, but breaking the records is a difficult task. Control Santa’s car to go as far as possible on the snowy hill. The bumpy roads have the potential to cause your vehicle to overturn at any time! Therefore, you need to be careful. Try to keep the car staying balanced to avoid falling.

Besides, you need to assist Santa in gathering many Christmas gifts. Each gift is worth a coin. Do your best to collect as many gifts as possible to gain a lot of coins. Oh my goodness! If the children do not receive gifts from Santa Claus, they will be devastated! Thus, play this game now to help Santa deliver the gifts to the children at Christmas. After completing your mission, you can try another similar game which is Hill Climb Racing 2 on our website.

How to control


Press a D key or right arrow key to increase speed

Press an A key or left arrow key to brake and back up.


Use the on-screen controls by left-clicking the icons.

Some winning strategies for Santa Hill Climbing

  • Drive alongside Santa Claus as you cross the bumpy road. 
  • Slow down and maintain a constant speed to save fuel. 
  • Maximum gift wrapping and a new high. 
  • Be careful when the car goes up the slope

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