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About Tunnel Rush


Tunnel Rush is a fantastic dodge game! You're racing through a colorful tunnel at breakneck speed while avoiding obstacles of various types.

To see the position of the impending barrier and swiftly adjust your position away to avoid it, you must be extremely agile and precise. Maintain your focus and set a new record!

How to play

  • Tunnel Rush is an easy game to play; simply press the space bar to begin. This moves the game forward; there is no item to manipulate; instead, you must control the screen's movements to fit through the various objects.
  • Rotate the screen clockwise or anti-clockwise with the left and right computer arrow keys - that's all there is to it! The game is divided into levels, however there is no way to save your progress. If you crash, no matter how many levels you've accomplished, you'll have to restart from the beginning!
  • This fantastic game necessitates excellent reflexes and reactions; you'll need quick fingers and to keep concentrated at all times in order to anticipate the next steps you'll need to take.


  • Gameplay that is both adrenaline-pumping and demanding.
  • Tunnel in the dark
  • There are numerous challenges along the way.
  • You can start a new level with a different region and a different challenge.
  • Music with a lot of intensity
  • There are three levels of difficulty available.


  • To move, press AD or the left/right arrow keys.
  • Once you've lost, press the space bar to pause or repeat the game.

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