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Geometry Dash


About Geometry Dash

The rule

Geometry Dash is a thrilling game featuring 21 levels. Control the square to jump and run to avoid many obstacles. Try to reach the destination safely.

Play this game now to participate in an exciting adventure with a square. Your mission is to control the square to jump a series of obstacles along the way. To do that, you simply use up/down arrows and click to leap when necessary. Be careful! If you uncarefully crash into the obstacles, the game is over. Utilize your quick reflex and fingers to conquer the track in each mode of the game.

Your score is related to the distance you have gone and your performance during the trip. If you can evade the obstacles perfectly, you will gain many bonus points. Do your best to reach the destination in the shortest time and have fun.

The game features colourful 2D graphics and energetic music. This will boost your mood and give you moments of excitement when you play it. Thus, don’t wait anymore! Click to start your fantastic musical adventure now.  Muck like this game, our website presents Electron Dash which is also an awesome running game.


Click the left mouse to jump

Some useful tips to beat the game

The most significant tip is to keep your movements timed to the pulse of the music. Keep your cool. If you're not anxious, the game will be a lot easier! Practice! You'll learn the tiny motions you need to progress over time. Share your accomplishments with others and get knowledge from other gamers.

Exciting secrets about Geometry Dash

Game modes

There is a total of 3 modes including Stereo Madness, Back On Track, and Polargeist in this game. Each mode has different gameplay and feature.

  • The Stereo Madness: It is a classic mode in the game. In this mode, you have to evade a variety of dangerous traps. Try your best to reach the finish line safely.
  • The Back On Track: In this mode, you have to embark on a thrilling race. Your goal is to dodge many dangers and gain the highest score. Especially, this mode offers springboards which help you to overcome obstacles more easily. Take control of the square to jump on them to jump higher.
  • Polargeist: It is a completely fresh mode in this game. This mode also requires you to avoid a series of deadly obstacles.  However, it doesn’t offer springboards to jump overcome them. Instead, there are many bright dots in the air. These dots will help you to make double jumps to overcome long obstacles on the path. 

The leaderboard

Each mode features a unique leaderboard. It will show the name and the score of the 500 top players in the world. Besides, it will be upgraded every day. If you get a high score after playing this game, you can submit your score to know what your rank is on the leaderboard. Do your best to get the highest possible score to raise your name on the leaderboard. Prove that you are the best adventurer.


Like Drift Boss, this game is also available in the web browser. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices.

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