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About Stumble Guys


Stumble Guys is an online multiplayer game with up to 32 players in a match. Fight from level to level to win. Join your friends and win unlimited races

Stumble Guys' gameplay is quite similar to Fall Guys', but with a lot of unique changes. Stumble Guys provides you with entertaining and engaging knockout battles with a variety of obstacles and stages. This game allows 32 players to compete online at the same time. You can play with your pals in multiplayer mode, fighting your way through the levels as the pandemonium worsens. You only need to keep the character alive till the finish to win.

Characters in Stumble Guys are incredibly different, with the option to modify skin colour, visage, and expression to suit players and keep things new. To avoid boredom, you will be completely absorbed in the game.


  •  You may win this game with just two actions: one button to move and one press to assist the player in running, jumping, and sliding obstacles.
  •  Double clicking is a basic tactic that few people, especially new players, are aware of. You can move forward by double-clicking. This is quite helpful in conquering problems. You cannot, however, do so if you are in a muddy place.

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