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Real City Driving 2


About Real City Driving 2

Prepare to discover a true driving experience in a big city with 5 outstanding luxurious cars in Real City Driving 2! Drive a car and do everything you want.

Like City Car Stunt, this game also offers you an opportunity to explore the modern city with your beloved supercar You will be able to drive your sports car in a large cosmopolitan city without risk or effort thanks to this game. If you are prepared, the city awaits you!

You don't have to be concerned while driving your car because the roads are wide and empty. You can put your driving skills to the test by driving as fast as you want. There will be people everywhere, so keep an eye out and try not to run over them. Some roads may lead to dead ends. So, if you don't want to fly out towards the sea or the ground, you must exercise extreme caution. You are free to change our car at any time. To change the car, go to the left bottom of the screen and click the "change car" button. Click C to change the camera and continue as if you were in the car. To move the car towards your destination, use your keyboard. If you hit something, including high-rise buildings, you won't be hurt because the car won't crush and you'll be able to continue playing. Let's see how good you are at this game now that you've learned so much about driving!

How to control

Press a W or Up arrow key to go forward

Press an S or Down arrow key to go backward

Press A key or Left arrow key to steer left

Press a D or right arrow key to steer right

Press a Spacebar to use the brake hand

Press a C key to change the camera view

Press an R key to record

Press a P key to play the recorded video.

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