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City Car Stunt


About City Car Stunt

Interesting gameplay

City Car Stunt is the first version of this series. Drive your car to race on the peerless stunt roads between high buildings and explore the city now.

Are you a car enthusiast who is keen on driving games like Drift Boss? If you are a big fan of driving games, this game is a perfect fit for you. In this game, you will become a professional racer. Your task is to drive your car to race on the stunt roads in the sky between the high buildings. Be careful! The road is full of corners, curves, iron barrels, ramps and giant leaps. If you see the iron barrels on the track, you don’t need to worry. Just drive your car to crash into it. However, for the tricky corner and curves, you need to be careful. Try to perform perfect drifts to avoid falling out of the racetrack. Besides, the ramps are often next to the giant leaps. Therefore, whenever you go on the ramps, you should accelerate the speed to jump as high as possible to overcome insurmountable leaps. In addition, some parts of the road are covered by heavy fog. To overcome these parts, you need to turn on the light and follow the green direction arrows. Do your best to reach the finish line to get a victory and unlock the next racetrack.

This game offers 6 racetracks with different obstacle courses. If you can unlock all of them, you will get many new cars. Like Impossible Car Stunt, this game also provides many cool cars with different designs. Moreover, you can customize them with different colours.

How to control

Press the WASD or arrow keys to move.

Press the space bar to use the handbrake

Press a “C” key to change the camera view

Press an “L” key to turn on the light

Game modes you should try in City Car Stunt

1 Player Mode

The first mode in this game is the 1 Player mode. In this mode, you have no rival in the race. Your ultimate objective is to cross the finish line in the shortest time to move on to the next level. Therefore, if you play this game alone, you can choose this mode. Or, if you are a beginner, try this mode first to practise your driving skill.

2 Player Mode

Another mode in this game is the 2 Player mode which allows you and your friends to play this game on the same computer. Choose one of 6 maps to start your race now. Your goal is to go as fast as possible to be the first driver to reach the finish line. Do your best to defeat your friends to prove that you are the best racer.

Free Ride Mode

The final mode in this game is the Free Ride mode which provides you with a relaxing playing space to drive your beloved car. There is no map, mission or objective in this mode. The setting of this mode is a large open space between the hills. All you have to do is to manoeuvre your car to go around this open space and do anything you want.

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