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Crazy Car Stunts


About Crazy Car Stunts

The playing instruction

Crazy Car Stunts is a thrilling driving game with stunning 3D visuals. Get ready to drive your car to race on the stunt racetrack and perform epic car stunts.

Play this game and show us your professional driving skill. First, you need to choose your favourite car. After that, you need to drive it to go around the stunt racetrack. The racetrack is full of flat highways, steep slopes, stunt circuits and bumpy parts. You should start with the slow speed first, and then accelerate your speed. You can look at the car speedometer on the bottom right of the screen to know how much your speed is. Try to perform impressive car stunts. Moreover, there is no time limit or scoring rule in this game. Therefore, you don’t need to rush and worry about anything. You can spend hours playing the game. In addition, you can customize the stats of your vehicle. To do that, click the Vehicle Setting button on the top of the screen. Then, you can increase or decrease the stats of your vehicle.

This game features awesome 3D graphics and realistic sound effects. Moreover, it also offers the first perspective, which will bring you the most immersive playing experience. Don’t hesitate! Come to Crazy Car Stunts now and have fun. It’s an opportunity to practise your driving skill. After mastering all skills, you can start exploring the city in City Car Stunt.

How to control

Press a V key to enter the car

Press WASD or arrow keys to drive.

Press Spacebar to use the handbrake

Press the “SHIFT+ W” keys to run faster

Press a C” key to change the camera view

Questions Frequently Asked

1. How many cars are in Crazy Car Stunts?

This game offers 12 different cars. Each vehicle looks has a cool appearance and handles fantastically too. Here are some vehicles that you can choose for free.

  • LaFerrari: The design of this car is really cool. Its colour is red. Moreover, it is the fastest car in this game.
  • Ford Fusion S: This car has a blue colour. Its stats are a little bit lower than LaFerrari.
  • A Bus: With a large size, the speed of this car is slower. It may be difficult to drive it to go on the slopes.
  • Cargo Truck: There are two cargo trucks in the game. Their sizes are super large, so it is difficult to drive them to go on the slopes and stunt circuits.
  • Monster Truck: This car features four large wheels, which helps it go on different extreme terrains. You can drive it at a fast speed.
  • A Tank: There are two kinds of tanks that you can select. Their engine stats are very high but their speed is a little bit lower.

2. Who developed this game?

This game was created by Artem Alexandrov. It was initially released in December 2018.

3. Where can I play this game?

You can play this driving game in the web browser. Like Drift Boss, it is accessed on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

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