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About Free Rally 2

Free Rally 2 is a 3D driving game with a lot of action. This multiplayer game lets you control automobiles in the city and do anything you like.

Play this game now to participate in exciting racing with many drivers over the world.  Enter your name and select a vehicle to play now. There are 9 vehicles to choose from, including a buggy, a helicopter, a sedan, and a supercar. You even can select a police motorbike to race, like in Police Chase Motorbike Driver. If you pick the police motorbike, you may utilize the capture feature, which allows you to start chasing down other cars and pull them over like a cop.

After choosing your favourite vehicle, you can start the race and show off your driving skill. You should follow the arrow direction to avoid getting lost. Do your best to be the first one to go through the finish line. After finishing a race, you can wait some minutes to start another race with new opponents. 

How to control

Press WASD or ARROW KEYS to drive

Press Spacebar to use the handbrake

Click the right mouse button to fire on the helicopter, buggy, and Sofy

Press a V key to seek rocket on the helicopter, buggy, and Sofy

Press an E key to enable/disable the moto police alert

Press an F key to stop the car on moto police

Press SHIFT to use nitro on moto

Press an R key to signal

Press a G key to let the vehicle go up

Press an I key to use the light on the car

Press an I key to start/stop the engine on the helicopter

Press a C key to change the camera view

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