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Police Chase Motorbike Driver


About Police Chase Motorbike Driver

The gameplay

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is an incredible action and driving game. Your objective is to accomplish all assigned missions to maintain the city's safety.

In this game, you will become a police officer who is responsible for eliminating threats and maintaining the safety of the city. Move around the city to collect missions and finish them in a certain time. Don’t hesitate to confront the criminals. Aim accurately and shoot down all of them. Drive your motorbike to chase their vehicles and escort the president. Refuel your motorbike if it runs out of fuel. You can be exhausted after a fight, so eat hamburgers to recover your energy. Additionally, if your motorbike is broken, you need to be quick to find the repair column. Go through it and pay 10 coins to repair your motorbike.

Besides, collecting money is also another task. Don’t ignore them if you see them along the way. Attempt to gather as much money as possible to buy a variety of cool motorbikes in the garage. Come on! Come to Police Chase Motorbike Driver now to get an opportunity to become a policeman. If you like this game, don’t forget to try playing another driving game which is Drift Boss on our website. 

How to control

Press “WASD” keys to move

Press an “R” key to respawn

Press an “F” key to get in a bike

Press “SPACE BAR” to jump

Press a “C” key to sit down

Right-click for aiming

Left-click for shooting

Multiple missions in Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Follow helicopter

In this mission, you are required to drive your motorbike to chase the helicopter. However, you need to remain within 150 meters of distance from it. You should adjust the camera view to look up at the sky at all times to identify the position of the helicopter. Your mission will be completed when the helicopter reaches the destination safely. 

Collect checkpoints

If you accept this mission, you have to collect 10 checkpoints. The checkpoints are the light columns which are scattered around the town. You need to drive your motorbike to go around the town to look for them. Remember that you have only 20 seconds. If you can’t finish the mission before time’s up, you will get nothing. 

Stop terrorists

The terrorists try to capture the hospital. Your mission is to stop them before something went wrong. Drive your motorbike to go to the hospital of the town. When you see the terrorists, you have to shoot as many terrorists. Try to aim accurately and be careful with their attack. If you can defeat all terrorists, you will earn a lot of money.

Escort the president’s car

The president is on the way to the bank of the town. Your duty is to protect him from the terrorists. They can appear suddenly, so you have to be wary at all times. Try to aim accurately and shoot down all terrorists you see on the way. The mission is finished when the president’s car reaches the bank safely.

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