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About Woodoku

Woodoku is a puzzle game that will test your intelligence. But it can be hard and if players want to achieve a record score, they have to use a lot of strategy.

Woodoku is Tripledot Studios Limited's newest wooden block puzzle game, and it will test your wits in a matter of minutes. All three of this game's modes have the same controls and objectives. The goal of the game is to remove tiles from the board by clicking on groups of wooden blocks in a line. If you're unfamiliar with this game but still want to give it a shot, you can use the information on how it's played provided below as a guide to developing a winning strategy. Take your time assembling the parts into rows of wooden blocks. Upcoming cells will appear on the screen's bottom. The game is ended if there is nowhere to put them. Put down all the blocks as quickly as you can in timer mode to fill the score bar at the base of the screen and win points. As the progress meter fills up, more and more blocks will vanish, and your score will increase. To advance in bomb mode, you must blow up the tiles. The rules and background for this activity are provided below.


  • Slide to start playing.

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