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Uphill Rush 10

About Uphill Rush 10


Uphill Rush 10 is a racing game that offers incredible and strange roads. You need to drive cleverly on the struggling roads to reach the finish line.

You are a big fan of racing games, but you think that driving on normal roads is not interesting. If you want to experience the strange roads, Uphill Rush 10 is a perfect choice for you. In this game, you are a racing girl or boy who needs to arrive at the finish line. Crushing the around objects to get money is used to change skins, characters, transport, and power up. There is a diversity of transport for you to drive on the roads. You have to face the spiral roads, and slopes or even you have to drive on the water. When driving the transport, keep balance to avoid falling on the head. If it happens, you will end the game. 

Now, don’t wait anymore, let’s come and try this fantastic game. It will clear your mind when you are tired. 

Features of Uphill Rush 10

  • Reach the finish line in time to get stars
  • The game has many players
  • Racing game with many levels 

How to control

  • If you play on the computer, use the arrow keys to accelerate and stop 
  • If you play on the mobile, touch the screen buttons

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