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Retro Drift


About Retro Drift

Retro Drift is a little arcade drift game that can be played with one hand, featuring a 10 second start and up to a ten minute game. Do you want to try?

How to Play

  • You will be driving on an elevated track for the first time. The route has no railings, so if you are irresponsible, you can tumble off the rails at any time.
  • Increase your speed in this thrilling Retro Drift game. Control the speed and go as far as you can. The journey is not easy, so don't miss out!

  • It won't be simple since you'll be driving the 3D car with your MOUSE, therefore you'll have to click on the screen to drift and leave a clicking sound to ensure you may travel straight or in the opposite way.

  • Furthermore, along the journey, you can earn additional goodies such as stars or money. All of these will assist you in improving the automobile. Create more beautiful racing circuits where you can unwind.

  • Calculate speed and physical distance accurately to make the best navigation selections. How far will you be able to progress in this game?

Game Features

  • Drift function is simple to utilize for one-handed gaming.
  • 3 tiny track maps, 4 classic automobiles.
  • The number of AIs may be chosen between 0 and 19, and a maximum of 20 vehicles can compete at the same time.
  • Steam Achievements are supported.
  • Support for Steam leaderboards.


  • To go to the right, hold down the left mouse button.

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