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Among Cars


About Among Cars

Among Cars is a fun game. Equip lethal weapons with each upgrade and destroy your opponent's vehicle. Invite your friends and compete with your vehicles.

Ready to experience great adventures? With the challenging 3D car duel known as Among Cars, it's time to have fun like never before! This online multiplayer game, which takes its cues from the well-liked and well-known Among Us, will let you enter a disturbing fighting game in which you must arm your car as much as possible in order to land powerful blows on your opponents and thereby lower their life bars to zero.

Choose your name in the main menu of the multiplayer game. You should also use the coins you earn from winning various fights to buy new weapons and upgrades for the car, strengthening it before each new fight.

The only way to win the game is to completely destroy your opponent! Select a name for your vehicle, give it some customizations using the money you receive from each mission, and get ready to participate in the most thrilling multiplayer matches ever! Become the greatest vehicle of all time and experience all the thrills in one game!

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move and attack your car, trying to land more hits on your opponent than they do on you because you win the match if you deplete their health bar first.
  • Use your bonus to improve, then advance to the next level and win the next fight, and so on, as you should try climbing the leaderboards and becoming a top Among Cars online free player!

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