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Adam and Eve: Night


About Adam and Eve: Night

Adam and Eve: Night is the second episode of Adam's journey. Adam is trapped in a scary and dark haunted house. Help him get away so he can go home!

A brand-new, frightening Adam & Eve Halloween Adventure is coming—are you prepared? We'll get ready since night is here, Adam and Eve! This time, Adam discovers himself stranded in a creepy, abandoned location. Think quickly to outsmart the ghosts and goblins to escape! Assist Adam in returning home safely to Eve while making sure his soul is not abducted at those eerie hills! This game is appropriate for kids and families.

Adam was forced to travel to Transylvania while he was asleep in the most recent film in the series, Adam & Eve: Night, by unidentified forces. He awoke in the midst of nowhere, and he needs your assistance to return to Eve, his home. Can you figure out every puzzle and help him rediscover his true love?

It may be referred to as sleepwalking or a weird power that leads you through the night by others. Whatever it is, Adam was left stranded in the middle of gloomy Transylvania, the land of legendary vampires and other terrifying animals. Your goal is to click on the things in the correct order to solve the problem, just as in every other Adam & Eve game, and locate a doorway for Adam to pass the level. Because of the eerie creatures that dwell here, Adam is made to long for home even more! Locked doors should be avoided because a key may be required. Act swiftly to avoid being harmed by these animals of the night before they reach Adam. It becomes more difficult as you get farther into the night. In order to return, you could even have to endure genuine hell! Can you get to the surprising conclusion and figure out how to get home?


  • 2D visuals that are dark
  • Controls that are intuitive
  • Playing is both entertaining and addictive.
  • There are several levels to enjoy.


  • To interact with your surroundings, use the left mouse button.

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