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Truck Driver Snowy Roads


About Truck Driver Snowy Roads

Play and try driving the truck in Truck Driver Snowy Roads! It’s an opportunity to prove your driving skill by manoeuvring the truck to go on the snowy paths.

Being a truck driver on snowy roads is challenging. However, you can do it virtually, so you'll be safe. Therefore, choose your favourite truck and start your career now. Drive the truck to go around the village to get different missions. Look at the green arrow on your head to ensure that you don't get lost. Note that the allotted time for each mission is limited. Thus, you must try your best to finish it before time's up.

Three modes including Free Drive, Mission and Racing are available for gameplay in this game. For a Free Drive mode, you can drive your truck to go around the snowy village and enjoy wonderful sceneries. For a Mission mode, you have to complete different missions with different degrees of difficulty. For a Racing mode, you can invite your friends to race with you. Attempt to reach the finish line first to get a victory.

Don’t hesitate! Play this game now! I ensure that you'll have a ton of fun with this experience, because not only does it stand out from most other truck driving games 3d here, but it's also one of our newest 2-player games. Like Drift 3, this game is playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices. So, you can play it at anytime and anywhere.

How to control


Press "W,A,S,D" keys to move

Press "SPACE" to use the handbrake

Press a "C" key to change the camera view

Press a  "R" key to respawn


Press  "ARROW KEYS” to move

Press a  "DOWN ARROW" to use the handbrake

Press a "U" to respawn

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