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About Transporter Hot Pursuit

Simple mechanics

Transporter Hot Pursuit is a fast-paced game which put your driving skill to the test. Drive your car at an incredible speed to escape from the police cars.

In this game, you play as a prisoner who is trying to escape from the police. The city is sending two police cars to catch you and put you in jail again. Keep in mind that police cars are white in colour. All you have to do is to drive your car at a fast speed to lose the police now. There are many corners, crossroads and curves along the way. You should make tight manoeuvres around corners to build distance between you and the nearest cop car. Whenever you go on the ramps, use the nitro boost to reach insane speeds. Look at the motometer clock on the top left and right of the screen to know how fast you are going. When the gas of your car is about to run out, you need to be quick to find out the nearest gasoline station to refuel. You can look at the mini-map on the bottom left of the screen to know the position of the gasoline station. In case your car unexpected hits the walls or the police car, you should click the Repair button to fix it.

In addition, this game has no time limit or level. Therefore, you can spend hours driving your car to explore the city and escape from the police cars.

How to control

Press WASD or arrows keys to drive

Press the Spacebar to use the handbrake

Press an F key to activate Nitro

Press an R key to repair

Press a C key to change the camera view.

More relevant information about Transporter Hot Pursuit

Option Menu

The main menu of this game offers three options to reset. They are Hub Color, Behavior Type and Driving Assistant. 

For Hub Colour, you can change the colours of the motometer clocks on the top left and right of the screen. Choose your favourite colours to make sure that your eyes won’t get hurt after playing this game for hours.

For the Behavior Type, you are provided three options including Racing, Arcade and Drift. If you choose a Racing option, the frequency of the police car will be high. Therefore, you need to drive your car at a fast speed to escape them. Contrarily if you choose an Arcade option, you will rarely see the police cars. This option will bring you a more relaxing playing space. If you choose a Drift Option, you will see more corners and crossroads on the way. It’s an opportunity to show us your drifting skill. If your drifting skill is not good, you can play Drift Boss to practise it first. Then, play this game and perform impressive car drifts.

For Driving Assistant, you have 4 options including ABS(Anti-Lock Brake Systems), ESP(Electronic Stability Program), TCS(Traction Control System) and SH. You can choose one of them or all if you want.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Faramel Games and initially launched in October 2018. It can be played unblocked in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

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