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Teacher Simulator


About Teacher Simulator

Teacher Simulator is a fun simulation game where you get to play the part of a teacher. Check the kids' work and make sure they're being good.

Teach kids essential life skills

In Teacher Simulator, you can show kids how to answer important questions, like "What does LOL mean?" This teaches them important things about terms from history that their parents might use in text messages. There are questions like this in ToT and Trivia.

Mark your tests and sharpen your pencils.

Get your pencils as sharp as they can be and get ready to grade your students' work. Whether the answer is right or wrong, put a tick or an X in each box.

Walk around the halls and punish students

Have you seen kids acting badly or, even worse, getting into a fight? This school is full of bad kids who are always getting into trouble. You can use old-fashioned methods to get them to behave, like spraying them with a fire extinguisher or giving them a shock with a stun gun.

Catch kids who cheat on tests.

Cheating, fighting, and other bad behavior happen a lot at this school, and it's your job as a teacher to make sure the kids don't do any of these things. Some kids think they can get away with copying other people's work, but not while you're watching.

Get your dream job

In Teacher Simulator, your career moves along quickly. If you do a good job with your current duties, you may be able to teach more classes. You can teach about the film, business, general knowledge, and more.


Use the left mouse button to play the game.

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