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Supra Drift 3D


About Supra Drift 3D

It’s time to show off your drifting skill in Supra Drift 3D. Choose your favourite car and enjoy a high-speed race with many attractive gameplay styles.

Like Super Drift 3D, this game also offers free cars. At the start of the game, you will not lose any coins and still be able to freely choose your favourite car colours. You'll then be given the option of keeping the stock OEM Toyota look or opting for one of two aftermarket drift-style body kits. Once you've decided on the perfect look for your drift car, go to the settings menu and change the quality to 'Ultra' (if your computer can handle it) to fully enjoy the game!

When you enter the game, you'll be given access to a plethora of additional customization options, such as aftermarket wheels, full suspension, and engine mods. Have you turned up the power and set the suspension as low as possible with an awesome set of rims? It's time to rip the back tires on the streets! Our favourite aspect of this game is the attention to detail and the sheer number of tweaks available to provide the ultimate experience. Make sure to fine-tune all of the settings in order to create the ultimate street weapon!

How to play Supra Drift 3D

Press a W/Up arrow key to accelerate the speed

Press a S/Down arrow key to go backward

Press an A/Left arrow key to turn left

Press a D/Right arrow key to turn right

Press a Spacebar to use the handbrake

Press a G key  to toggle slow-motion

Press an L key to turn on the lights

Press a Q/E/Z key to turn on indicators/blinkers

Press an R key to record gameplay

Press a P key to play recorded gameplay

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