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Smash Karts

About Smash Karts


Smash Karts is a 3D kart fighting game with multiplayer.
Get on your go-kart, pick up weapons to fight and blow up other enemy karts, be the winner of the game! Unlock levels. upgrade and get new characters and prizes

How to play Smash Karts
Play games to raise your XP
Enter the chaotic 3-minute arena to battle other players. There are many beautiful and unique maps for you to explore more. Play many games in maps that will give you XP boost, use XpP to increase your level

When you level up, you will be rewarded with one of the coins, hats, wheels and character tokens. Use character tokens in the prize machine to unlock new characters with various difficulty levels

Pick up weapons
Drive your car through boxes with question marks appearing to pick up random power-ups for you. The random weapons can be rockets, machine guns and invincible mines. Create amazing miracles in your name, create crazy chaos tạo

Customize your kart!
Choose a vehicle you love, and make it special for you to shine among the other cars of your opponent. You can customize your kart and character according to the custom menu. You'll find a great selection of karts, characters, cool and unique hats, and holiday items!

Action-packed multiplayer kart battles
Level up, earn coins and save your stats
Several weapons from small guns to bombs!
Customizable karts and characters

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