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About Slope Ball

Addictive gameplay

Embark on an exciting adventure with ball heroes in Slope Ball is a cool running game. Overcome the level without hitting any obstacles and defeat 5 monsters.

In this game, you will transform into one of the characters that you can choose in the Change Player section. There are many different types of characters as ships, swords, balls, and UFOs, but initially, you will control the ball to overcome obstacles. To finish every level, you must complete it in its entirety, get enough three stars to pass, unlock the following levels, and then unlock the final two maps. There are five difficulty degrees which are Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, and Insane, which you can choose from in the Setting selection. The more difficult the level, the faster the ball rolls, and they are more susceptible to collisions with obstacles. Play from easy to difficult degrees to get used to the rolling speed of the ball. You can also choose between Normal mode or Practice mode. The game helps you practice your hand skill and eyes that help you avoid all obstacles easily. Pass all the open levels of each map, you will be the winner. Will you be able to become a superhero to overcome all the difficulties? After completing the adventure in this game, you can join another exciting adventure in Electron Dash.

How to control

Use the mouse left button or press the spacebar/ the up arrow key to jump

Characters and portals in Slope Ball

Playable characters

This game offers 6 characters with different abilities and appearances. You can select them freely at the start of the game. Here’s the list of characters in the game.

  • Cube: The character can jump very high.
  • Ship: It has the ability to fly in the air. You can control it to fly to avoid many obstacles
  • Ball: This character goes down and rotates clockwise. When it goes up, the rotation is counter-clockwise.
  • UFO: This character can fly at a fast speed.
  • Robot: It jumps like a cube character and does not rotate. On the ground, the character's feet walk.
  • Wave: It moves in the zigzag direction. When you press the control button, the robot will change its direction.

The system of portals

  • Cube portal (green): Spawns Cube character.
  • Shipportal (pink): Spawns the character Ship.
  • Ball portal (orange): Spawns the character Ball.
  • UFO portal (yellow-orange): Spawns UFO character.
  • Wave portal (light blue): Spawns Wave character.
  • Robot portal (white): Spawns the character Robot.
  • Spider portal (dark purple): Spawns the character Spider.

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