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Slope Ball

About Slope Ball


This game is ideal for all Slope aficionados who were bored with the first version's repetitive design. The images are considerably more basic here, with only abstract vertical rectangles visible on the sides, ostensibly imitating buildings. However, players should not be concerned with them; instead, they should concentrate on the open track in front of them, where the joystick should roll fast in order to avoid falling off the track and to travel as far as possible. To put it another way, all you have to do is point it right or left at the correct time.

The problem is that the route can't even be divided because it's made up of independent pieces suspended in the air that aren't connected to one other. The ball readily passes through the gap between them - partly due to the rear curtain being lower than the previous one, and partly due to the pedals. The path fragments, on the other hand, do not lie in a straight line and can travel either right or left, so you must be careful not to let the ball fall.

Slope Ball is a time killer that allows you to busy yourself in a circumstance where you have a minute to spare. Its purpose is not in the excellent graphics or the compelling action. However, this game, as well as the entire franchise, has a sizable fan base.

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