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About slither


Slither is one of the very good snake games. Eat glowing orbs to increase in size. To defeat all players become the longest worm in the arena

When a worm dies, its body transforms into the shining pellets (orbs) that it had before dying. To increase their size, players can consume pellets dropped by dead worms. These pellets provide more mass than standard pellets.

You can use boost by left-clicking or double-tapping the screen and then releasing your finger. However, when you use the boost, your snake loses some mass and shrinks slightly in size. The mass lost from the boost will be visible as a line of pellets where the boost is used. And by consuming the pellets, players can regain lost mass.

Be the last one standing!

Game Tips:

  • When you first start the game, try to collect as many orbs as you can to increase your size. Try not to get involved in unnecessary battles at first.
  • On the map, there are two special orbs: the glowing orbs that appear when a snake falls. The number of orbs depends on the snake's size.
  • The floaty orb that circles the map. When you chase it, it will flee. So it's difficult to collect, but it's well worth the effort. These orbs have a higher mass than other orbs.

How to play Slitherio

  • To move, use the arrow keys or your mouse.
  • To accelerate, left-click.
  • To avoid unwanted scrolling, play the game in Fullscreen mode and use the arrow keys.
  • Collect orbs to help you grow.
  • You can change Slither's skin or create your own.

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