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Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear


About Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear

Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear is an excellent 3D horror game in which you can take on the roles of Slenderman vs Freddy. Fight the Fazbear and the others!

Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear is a spooky horror game with two well-known characters that you can play online. Since the appearance of Freddy the Fazbear, the prominence of the well-known and feared horror character Slenderman has declined in the gaming world. It's time to get rid of the adorable little animatronic. In this horror game, you can play as either the spooky faceless person or the not-so-cuddly giant bear.

Your fame has decreased since Freddy the Fazbear first arrived, according to Slenderman. You must put a stop to this! Kill Freddy and his Animatronics by locating 8 pizzas! Best of luck!


  • Third person horror game
  • Play as Slenderman or Freddy The Fazbear
  • Smooth controls
  • High quality 3D environment graphics
  • Awesome gameplay
  • Big Map with lots of horror and action


  • WASD to walk around
  • Mouse to Look around
  • Left Mouse Button to Attack
  • Right Mouse Button to Block Attack
  • Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
  • F to Pickup Items
  • Left Shift to Run
  • Left CTRL to Crouch
  • X to Prone
  • Space to Jump

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