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Sky City Riders


About Sky City Riders

The rule

Sky City Riders is a racing game featuring two modes. Participate in 10 motorbikes races on the sky racetrack and try to become the champion.

In this game, you need to join different motorbike races. Are you ready?  Put on your helmet and brace your wrist for wild acrobatics, ramps, and authentic motorcycle noises. Prepare to unleash your inner explorer. The racetrack is located on the rooftop of skyscrapers, so you can see many insurmountable leaps between the buildings.  Utilize the slopes to jump as high as possible to overcome them. Experience the adrenaline thrill when flying in the sky with your beloved motorbike. Connect multiple stunts to earn style points. If you finish 10 races on time, you'll be able to unlock 10 different bike skins. When navigating long ramps, remember to use the NITRO power! You can play with your friends by choosing the 2 Player option. Demonstrate to your buddies that you are the best biker in the world! 

Click the Play button to start your race in the sky now! If you are a big fan of driving games like Drift Boss, this game is really suitable for you. 



Use "ARROW KEYS" to move

Use "LEFT SHIFT+ UP ARROW KEY" to activate Nitro


Use "W,A,S,D" to move

Use an "N" key to activate Nitro

Press an R” key to restart the level

Press a C” key to change the camera view

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by RHM Interactive which also made Mx Offroad Mountain Bike. They launched this game in July 2021. You can play the game on both PC and mobile devices.

Playable game modes in Sky City Riders

Racing Mode

In this mode, you have to drive your motorbike to race on the extreme racetrack. This track is set up on the rooftop of the buildings. Therefore, it is hazardous. If you make a little mistake, you will fall into the street. Try to reach the finish line safely. Remember that you have only 70 seconds for each round. If you can’t cross the finish line before the time is over, the level is over and you have to play it again. Do your best to cross the finish line in time or early to move on to the next level. There are 10 levels awaiting you to complete.

In addition, this mode offers two options including 1 Player and 2 Player. You can choose the 1 Player option if you play this game alone. If you want to race with your friends, the 2 Player is a good choice.

Free Riding Mode

In this mode, you are offered two options which are 1 Player and 2 Player. You can choose one of them to start your journey now. Your task is to go as far as possible and collect the diamonds. These diamonds are scattered on the track. Try to grab all of them at all costs as they are really important. If you can gather enough 30 diamonds, "Multicolored Skins” will be unlocked.

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