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Skateboard Master

About Skateboard Master


Skateboard Master is a fun skateboarding game. One of the most popular 3D skateboarding games is this one.I am sure that you will like it.Let's try!

What are you waiting for, let's get right in and play this really entertaining surfing game? This is an entertaining adventure game. Assume the role of the main character and begin skating. It will put the player's ability to manipulate the character in a variety of ways to the test. To confront different-level difficulties, you must constantly alter the sensitivity!
By moving your avatar with the mouse and sliding in the direction you want, you'll skate and cross a half-pipe-shaped line. You should skate the green speed boards on the course since they will help you get faster, as well as the ramps that you can climb to get ahead of other players.

How to play

  • Avoid not just the obstacles, but also the red places, which feature arrows that oppose the green arrows, slowing you down and causing you to lose time.
  • As much as possible, try to stay ahead of the other skaters, earn a lot of points from your races, and then spend them on new skins and boards to play with. Riding. Now is the time to appreciate this race, because it can only be done here!

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