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About Retro ball


Retro Ball is a futuristic dodge racing game inspired by "continuous running" games similar to Temple Run and Minions Run. Control the ball quickly avoiding the holes

The game starts off simple enough, with rudimentary courses and a few holes to allow you to acquire a feel for the controls.However, it swiftly turns into a high-octane sprint to escape a barrage of track holes, which needs quick reactions. It could be claimed that the game ramps up the challenge a little too soon, as a rookie player may grow dissatisfied after only fifteen seconds of trying to force his fingers to react quickly enough. The athlete, though, will be able to get it running with some practice.

The controls are simple to use. The ball can be directed using the mouse or the space bar and arrow keys on the keyboard. A newcomer may find it easier to grasp the keyboard. RetroBall is a simple game with minimal distracting graphics and oddly pleasant background music that plays while you play.

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