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Retro ball


About Retro ball

Addictive gameplay

Retro Ball is a running game inspired by "continuous running" games similar to Temple Run and Minions Run. Control the ball quickly avoiding the holes

In this game, you need to take control of the ball to roll in the endless racetrack. Be careful with the hole along the way. If you unexpectedly fall into them, you will die. Therefore, you must guide the ball to jump or move left or right to avoid them. Quick reaction is the key in this game. If you react quickly when seeing the hole, you can go further in the endless track. Your score is estimated based on the distance you run. Do your best to run as far as possible to gain a high score. You can submit your score to see what your rank is on the leaderboard. The leaderboard only shows the top 10 players who have the highest score. Can you enter the top 10?

Come on! If you are a big fan of running games like Geometry Dash, this game is a good choice. Featuring fast-paced gameplay and stunning 3D graphics, it will boost your mood and bring you moments of happiness.

How to control

Press “LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS” and “W-D” keys to move left or right

Press “UP ARROW KEY” or “SPACEBAR” to jump

Press “DOWN ARROW KEY” and a “S” key to slow down

Some useful tips to beat Retro Ball

Despite simple mechanics, this game is harder than it looks. For that reason, you need some tips to go further in the game.

  • Control the ball to roll in the middle of the racetrack. This will allow you to move left or right easily to dodge the hole
  • Move left or right instead of jumping. For insurmountable holes, you had better move left or right to avoid them. If you jump, you can fall out of the racetrack as the gap is too large.
  • Slow down the ball: If you do that, you have much time to plan your moves in advance.
  • Be quick: Quick reflex is important to win the game. Try to reflex quickly as soon as you see the upcoming hole.

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