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About Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light is a new 3D ink game with runaway gameplay mechanics. This is an extremely hot trending horror game worldwide in 2022.

Red Light Green Light is a new three-dimensional squid game with a run-and-escape gameplay mechanic. The rules are simple: you will be shot if you run without stopping. When the girl is standing with her back to you, you must start running, if she turns her head, the red light turns on, and you must freeze on the spot. You must remain frozen until the command 'Green Light' is issued again. Players may attempt as many times as necessary to succeed. And, even though there is no danger, the procedure is equally fascinating. After completing all levels in this game, you can try playing other interesting games which are Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear, Offroad Forest Racing, and Dirt Bike Motocross.

How to play

  • The contestants are expected to sprint to the finish line.
  • They can only move when the permissive signal is turned on.
  • When it enters the restrictive mode, everyone must come to a halt.
  • The smallest misstep or motion during the stillness period results in execution.

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