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Police Pursuit 2


About Police Pursuit 2

Police Pursuit 2 is a 3D action driving game in which you play as a police officer performing his duties on the streets of a beautifully rendered city.

Police Pursuit 2 is a fantastic race for boys in which you can drive a police car and take part in a police chase. Your primary mission is to patrol the city and apprehend any potential criminals who are running through the streets. The mini-map will show all of the necessary locations, missions, and criminals. When a red dot appears on the map, it indicates the presence of a criminal. Please activate the siren, depress the gas pedal, and rush forward to catch up with him. The game includes a story mode as well as free city patrolling. In story mode, you'll have access to ten distinct missions in which you'll have to track down the most dangerous bandits.

You will take part in hot pursuit in this fantastic game. Eliminating criminals will be your goal as you drive a police vehicle. It won't be easy because the game is set in a city and you have to be careful to avoid colliding with oncoming traffic. The car will be damaged if you crash too frequently, which will end your chances of winning, officer. Make an effort to only collide with the criminals you are chasing. The location of the criminals is always marked on the map, making it simple for you to locate them. Although you'll need to get used to the controls, the game is interesting.If you like experiencing more kinds of games, you can visit Police Chase Motorbike Driver, Police Car Simulator 3D, Police Car Parking, and Police Drift & Stunt.


  • Arrows / WASD = drive
  • Space bar / Click = turbo

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