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Police Endless Car


About Police Endless Car

Game rule

Police Endless Car is a thrilling driving game. Your goal is to drive your car as far as you can and collect as many gold coins and diamonds as possible.

Don’t wait anymore! Playing this game now to experience the breathtaking feeling when you are chased by a police car. In this game, your objective is to drive your car as far as possible to escape from a police car. Be careful with obstacles such as fences, traffic cones, boxes, and other vehicles along the way. Utilize some power-ups such as Coin Magnet, Speed Boost, Invincibility, and Double Coin whenever necessary. The game is over if you get caught by the police. Attempt to collect as many diamonds and gold coins as possible. Use them to buy new cars and more power-ups in the shop. There are a variety of missions in this game. Do your best to accomplish them to obtain many valuable rewards.

Vitalitygames developed this game in many 2022. Another driving game of this developer is 2 Player Battle Car Racing which is also available on our website.

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” and “WASD” keys to drive

More interesting things about Police Endless Car

Challenge yourself with many hard missions

When you click on the mission list, you will sê many missions that you are expected to complete. The first mission is to run for 1500 points. It is a difficult mission that you have to take a lot of effort to finish it. The second task is to collect 150 coins on the path. The final one is to play the game 15 times. To complete this mission, you need to play this game every day.

Try all cars in the game

The store in the game sells various cars such as a pickup, a liftback, a hatchback a supercar, a racing car and so on. Each car has a different price, design and feature. You need to consider carefully their stats of life, jump and speed before buying them.

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