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Playtime Horror Monster Ground


About Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Playtime Horror Monster Ground is an action game in which you have to kill all the bad guys. Collect cash and upgrades to build an awesome cartoon monster!

Welcome to Playtime Horror Monster Ground - a thrilling and highly addictive hunt. Now you no longer have to find shelter or run for your life to hide from fearsome monsters, you become the hunter! This is your own playground, where every enemy has to run away in fear! Combine monsters of the same species to create new monsters that are scarier and can smash everything! You must destroy all enemies to complete a level, especially the super powerful bosses of the police team! Feel free to smash and kill as you like, because this is your hunt! Smash through walls, collect coins to upgrade your characters, endlessly combine monsters to create Animatronic monsters - legendary monsters that can tear any enemy apart!


  • To maneuver the creature, use WASD or the left mouse button.

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