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Plane Racing Madness

About Plane Racing Madness


Plane Racing Madness is an attractive racing game in which you have to control the plane, fly among the deadly tracks and win the race.

You will play against other players in this 3D plane racing game. At the start of the game, you will need to choose an airplane model at the beginning of the game because each one has a different set of specific technical characteristics. Additionally, your aircraft had weapons on board. Then, as your aircraft and the aircraft of your opponents fly through the sky, they will both be displayed on the screen in front of you. You will need to fly along a predetermined path while avoiding collisions with all of the many hazards that were positioned along the way. You can navigate this process with the help of the map. You will be able to knock out the adversary aircraft by firing well on your opponent's aircraft after that you will get points. The realistic gameplay now includes the ability to fly and race your jet across a 3D platform as part of a survival combat plane racing game. Play with customized World War 2 aircraft and engage in a challenging racing scenario with intriguing stages, power-ups, and sceneries based on real 3D physics.

Features of Plane Racing Madness:

  • Three gameplay modes: Solo, Versus, Garate.
  • Each gameplay mode has Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial.
  • There are five weapons: machine guns, missiles, mines, shields, and repair.
  • There has a leaderboard.

How to play: 

Arrow keys to control.

X key to boost.

C key break.

Space key to use power-ups.

N key to switch camera.

P key or ESC to pause.


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