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Offroad Forest Racing


About Offroad Forest Racing

Offroad Forest Racing is an exciting racing game. Your task is to control the car to complete the track and collect as many gold coins as possible.

A genuine racer or a speed enthusiast cannot ignore this game. The game combines driving and exploring the mountainous terrain. You will help your car overcome rugged terrain and winding roads. Both sides of the road are forests or cliffs. They are extremely dangerous. You need to avoid the obstacles, which are the rocks that are blocking the way. The other riders kept moving forward. You need to come up with a clear strategy so the opponent cannot get past you. Drive skillfully to make sure you don't waste a single second.

There are also a lot of gold coins on the road. The game also knows how to make it difficult for players. Gold coins are placed in dangerous places, and it is difficult to collect them. However, everything is not without a way. You will trade off by spending more time collecting gold coins and finishing the race later than others.

New cars and upgrades:

As you know, the gold coins that you get through collecting on the track will help you buy new cars. These new cars have more outstanding features. They will be your effective ways to conquer dangerous terrain.

You can also upgrade other car parts such as wheels, hood, gearshift lever, etc. The necessary parts to ensure your driving is smooth.

Tips for Offroad Forest Racing:

  • Acceleration on flat roads.
  • Use a combination of the up arrow key and the left or right arrow key to turn and avoid obstacles quickly.
  • Do not use the down arrow key too much to avoid losing time.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control.

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