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Motor Wars 2


About Motor Wars 2

Game rule

Motor Wars 2 is an exciting driving game. Take control of your vehicle to move around the arena and shoot down all your opponents to get a victory.

Are you ready to participate in the motor wars between many players over the world? Choose a room or create a new room to join now. A room consists of 10 people who are divided into two teams including a blue team and a red team. Your objective is to control your vehicle to move around the arena to find your rivals. Try to aim accurately and shoot down as many opponents as possible to raise your name on the leaderboard. Do your best to eliminate all the members of the opposite team to get a victory. You will be rewarded a lot of experience points and money after winning. Attempt to accumulate as many experience points as possible to level up to unlock new vehicles in the garage. Earn as much money as possible to upgrade the performance statistics of your vehicles. This game offers a chatbox, so you can chat with many players over the world. 

Play this game now and show other players your power. If you don’t want to play with other people, I suggest you play a single-player driving game which is Turbo Moto Racer 3D.

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” to move

Use the mouse to aim and shoot

Playable Vehicles in Motor Wars 2

There is a total of 5 vehicles in this game. Each vehicle has a unique power and feature. You need to complete the level to unlock them. Moreover, you also need to upgrade their speed, gun damage, gun recharge, shield, shield recharge, turbo, and turbo recharge. The upgraded vehicle will go faster and more powerful. Here is the list of vehicles in the game

  • Quad Bike: It is a default vehicle at the start of the game. It is really small and its speed is fairly fast. However, its gun is weak.
  • Monster Truck: This vehicle is unlocked when you reach level 2. It is larger and more powerful than the quad bike.
  • Tank: It is unlocked when you reach level 4. It is armed with a powerful gun which can explode any opponent with one shot.
  • Car: You will get this vehicle when you reach level 6. Its speed is super fast.

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