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About Moto X3M

Moto X3M is a highly addictive bike racing game with many challenging levels. Control your bike to race on the stunt racetrack which is full of dangerous traps.

There are 22 stages in total, each with a unique challenge and the opportunity to perform crazy acrobatics on your dirt bike. Put on your helmet, rev up the engine, and race to the finish line against the clock!

As you go through the Moto X3M, you'll have to navigate the many difficulties offered by each new track via trial and error. However, making mistakes wastes time and lowers your score when you finish the level. Drive quickly, but be cautious when approaching new obstacles. Each error will cost you time and lower your star rating at the conclusion of the level. You can time your ultimate score by doing stunts, so make sure you match the large jumps!

This game features 22 tracks. The tracks begin simply but gradually expand into a slew of dangers and roadblocks that slow you down. Because you are awarded based on how long it takes you to complete the trial, all levels have a lot of replayability.

You can buy two new motorcycles using the stars you win for finishing Moto X3M levels. It's more incentive to retry tracks in order to improve your time and get a new motorcycle!

This game is the original version of Moto X3M Winter which is created by MadPuffers. It is available in the web browser and can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices.

How to control

To accelerate, press the up arrow key.

Use the left and right arrow keys to balance your bike.

By using the down arrow key, you can take a break.

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