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Monsters' Wheels Special

About Monsters' Wheels Special


Monsters' Wheels Special is a 2D racing game. Upgrade your monster truck to take the lead and equip it with rockets and other weapons to truly crush the competition.

It's a lot of fun to play Monsters Wheels Special unblocked. Race from beginning to end, but keep an eye on your vehicle. To tackle jumps and other obstacles, you must lean forward or backward, and getting it wrong will slow you down significantly and possibly cost you the race. In addition to racing and trying to beat your opponents, you must collect coins, nitro fuel, and the occasional repair coin to keep your truck in good shape. You can come out on top if you master the jumps.


  • Up arrow/W: gas
  • Down arrow/S: brake
  • Left arrow/A: balance left
  • Right arrow/D: balance right
  • Space bar or X: nitro

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