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Mega Ramp Race

About Mega Ramp Race


Mega Ramp Race is a racing game.Perform astonishing feats in your old Mustang as you speed down each ramp.You can also execute a number of other stunts

The game has various planets, each with enough levels to keep you occupied for several hours. The money may then be used to make a variety of changes to your automobile at the garage, such as altering its color. You may also buy a brand new automobile. Also, try to get all three stars at each level. Let's get this party started! Let's get started! This game has a lot of possibilities, so let's get started!

How to play

Jump over exploding rockets and railroad tracks while riding your classic cars up the ramps and doing flips and side-butt boxes. Do you think you'll be able to cross the finish line without colliding with your car? Collect gold coins and points in the garage to enhance your vehicle. New cars, courses, and game types, such as train tracks and police pursuits, may be unlocked.

Prepare to play the most impossible racing car on massive ramps while overcoming challenging obstacles. It's time for some thrilling and daring racing action for insane racing challengers. Playing this game is insanely addicting, and the controls are silky smooth. Unlock over 15 challenging levels with impossibly difficult music.


Control your car with the W A S D or Arrow Keys. To utilize Nitrogen, hold Shift. Alternatively, you may control the screen buttons using the left mouse button.

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