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Mega Ramp Race


About Mega Ramp Race

The playing rule

Mega Ramp Race is a racing game with multiple challenging levels. Control the car to crash, jump and drift to reach the finish line in the shortest time.

In this game, you get an opportunity to participate in a thrilling car race. It’s time to show us your professional driving skills. Drive your car to go to the finish line as fast as possible. If you see any iron barrels on the racetrack, don’t hesitate to crash into them and rush to the finish line. However, you need to be careful with other obstacles like giant hammers, a train or containers. If you hit them, the race is over and you will fail. Whenever you go through the slopes, you can accelerate the speed to jump as high as possible to overcome giant leaps. Besides, the racetrack is also full of corners and curves, so you can drive your car to make impressive drift around them. If you see any nitro bottle on the road, grab it at all costs. The nitro bottle will help you to increase the speed. Don’t forget to check all checkpoints along the way to save your progress.

Another task in this game is to pick up all coins which are scattered on the road. If you want to get three stars in a level, you not only have to reach the finish line in the shortest time but also collect all coins. After accomplishing a level, you will claim a lot of coins and money.

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD’ keys to move

Press “SHIFT_UP ARROW KEY” to increase the speed.

Distinctive features of Mega Ramp Race

Various stages

This game offers seven stages including Arizona, Port, Street, Golden Gate, Wasteland, Racing and Cop Chase. Each racetrack features a different objective and terrain. 

  • Arizona: This stage is free at the start of the game. It features desert terrain which has many hills.
  • Port: This stage is unlocked by 35 stars. It has more levels than the Arizona stage. Moreover, its obstacles are different from the previous stage.
  • Street: If you want to unlock this stage, you have to collect enough 90 stars. Like the Arizona stage, this stage also has 23 levels with different degrees of difficulty.
  • Golden Gate: To unlock it, you need to gather enough 155 stars. The dominant terrain of this stage is the high and narrow bridges.
  • Wasteland: Try to collect 205 stars to unlock this stage. Unlike the previous stages, the Wasteland track has only 10 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty.
  • Racing: If you don’t want to race alone, choose this stage. In this stage, you will have to race with the other car. Do your best to be the first one to reach the finish line to get a victory. 
  • Cop Chase: Do your best to collect enough 215 stars to unlock this stage. Your mission in this stage is to go as fast as possible to escape from the police and complete 23 levels.

A variety of vehicles

The similarity between this game and Drift Boss is the garage. The garage in this game also sells a variety of cool vehicles which are a monster truck, a school bus, a supercar, a motorbike and so on. They have different designs and colours and are sold at different prices. Use the money you earned to purchase your favourite vehicle or complete the stage or levels to unlock them. Additionally, you can upgrade their stats such as engine, suspension, tires, and exhaust pipe to increase their performance stating.

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