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Master Chess


About Master Chess

Master Chess is a single player and multiplayer chess game available online. If you want to play chess online, check out this awesome browser version. You can play three distinct playstyles in this game and compare your chess skills with other players.

The Chess Federation may not support this game, but the AI ​​opponents are really skilled. In addition, you can play difficult online multiplayer games against talented opponents from all over the world. There are several game modes to choose from:

1 on the same computer

versus AI in a one-on-one match

Online opponents against. 1 vs 1

You have a lot to choose from with this variety of games. Remember that AI opponents are quite challenging. You will have to work very hard to beat this fake opponent, maybe even lose!

Smooth controls and exhilarating online action

Online gaming is definitely the best aspect of this game. Fast and efficient matchmaking system - if you want to start a match fast, you can. Master Chess then assigns you to a random opponent.

In addition, custom chess matches can be played online. You can create your own gaming room or join one of the accessible servers. Thanks to that, you can easily plan games and tournaments with your friends.

Before playing online, we recommend that you master the fundamentals of chess. You can't go wrong because the different moves each piece can make are highlighted while you play. However, every move is timed, so you have to think fast!


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