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Learn To Fly


About Learn To Fly

Learn to Fly is a fun distance game in which you must assist a cute little penguin in flying as far as possible. Get started with just your penguin now!

This penguin wants to learn how to fly because she's had enough of living on the ground. You can cross the water by slipping off the ramp and purchasing upgrades. To adjust your flight angle, press the left and right arrow keys simultaneously. Press and hold the Spacebar to launch rockets after purchasing them.

Instead of shooting themselves off a snowy ramp and trying to launch as far as they can, players in Learn to Fly Idle shoot cannons and destroy objects like snowmen. The two games also have different overall objectives. Players in the first version of Learn to Fly attempt to get their penguins as far away from the massive iceberg that is more than a mile away as possible. Learn to Fly Idle, in contrast, involves automating improvements to your canon's power, speed, and other aspects in order to achieve a high score and shoot down snowmen. The skills necessary to fly as far as possible with the upgrades they are given are combined in Learn to Fly with the strategic upgrading that players must successfully complete. In Learn to Fly, a lot of things are happening at once. The core of Learn to Fly is a hybrid of an idle game and a strategy game. This makes it a good game for those who enjoy taking the time to sit down and consider their options carefully.


When flying, use the left and right arrows to change your angle.

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